Thursday, March 6, 2014

Enjoy today...

Well I have been enjoying today perhaps a little too much that I have spent very little time in my studio this week with the exception of working with my students. So here is a super fast little card that took about five minutes to make. 

I reused a piece of watercolor paper from a student practice of line variation with round and flat brushes.  The thicker line looked like the perfect shape to layer this enjoy today quote stamp by Maria Sabina Rita.  Now I needed a little image to give it some asymmetrical balance...ahhhhh...Roc's little bird  snipped from her just b u image.

I tore a piece of coordinating scrap paper and sewed this little puppy up with lime metallic thread.

Only have five minutes?  With some cool Stampotique stamps you can make a pleasing card in no time at all!