Thursday, February 27, 2014

You are the one

Like many of you I have a paper addiction.  I enjoy finding random items in my collage box and making something out of them. That's  how this background came together.

I had drawn this car for Stampotique's Toto and  Jill Penny to ride in.  This reminded me of when I brought my puppy home for the first time.  I had seen a small handful of puppies before finding Phoebe. We had an elderly dog and I wanted to make sure I found a puppy with the right personality to get along with my ailing little guy.  Phoebe was indeed the one. 

I have such happy memories of leaving work to pick up our pup for her forever home. She was wide-eyed like the Toto image as she rode beside me in the car for the first time.  On our drive home I looked forward to hitting red lights so I could gaze at her adorableness.  Do you know the feeling?

Look through your stamps and create a collage memory. 

Until next week -


  1. I can REMEMBER!!!! Thank YOU! And the smells and the time of year, what a happy day!!!! Our fluffy border collie came from a local farm, the farmer said he had 6 pups for sale, only 4 were there, 2 had trotted off for a walk, he found them covered in mud at the bottom of a field.... yup! we chose one of those !!!! There is a pic of him on my blog side bar.. he's at rainbow bridge now.. gone but never be forgotten! He used to round up my two eldest, he saw us as his flock and he guarded us XD ♥

    Love, love, love your memory collage Janet. BRILLIANT ♥♥

  2. Been there; done that---a couple of times, in fact. You have so beautifully created a scene to take us all back to that day in our own lives. Love that you put your stamped "characters" inside the car!

  3. totally love this Janet :) sweet story

  4. Enjoyed reading the story behind this .... Love that you put toto and Jill in the car!!!

  5. Hi janet
    I love this collage and your story. I would love a puppy but cant have one at the moment because we have 9 stray cats, who were very poorly and in need of help. So one by one they made their home with us. And we are one big happy family nos with a lizard and a bunny to boot. But I just cant seem to convince hubby surely a little puppy wouldnt upset the equilibrium. I shall keep working on him. He has a very big heart.