Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Watercolor creams with sequin waste

I love sequin waste.  It comes in a Mylar roll in various “sequin” sizes.  The holes are from where the sequins are punched.  They make amazing stencils and are great for backgrounds.

For this fast and easy background I layer a piece of sequin waste on my cardstock.  You can hold in place or tape down with washi tape to avoid any shifting.  I used a red watercolor cream, from Brea Reese and rubbed over the sequin waste, using it as a stencil.  I took a baby wipe and rubbed out some areas.  I repositioned the “stencil” and rubbed over the holes to leave some of the circular patterns showing.

The monochromatic background is just enough tp layer your card elements.  The little whimsical girl is from the Vera Lane Studio set “Give me some sugar”   Keeping this card in the red tones makes for a visually pleasing composition with very little effort!

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