Friday, July 20, 2018

Introducing Flip Book; digital image storage solution

Digi stamp collecting can be addicting and fun. Finding your favorite images as they are tucked in file folders can make you forget what you have or where your favorite images are located. Sometimes file names do not indicate what is in the folder!  Printing them all out and creating a catalog can be one solution; but your binder can become bulky and you may not always have it with you.

So I’ve come up with a better solution. And I call this “Flip Book”.   Flip Book is a digital storage solution that parks on your tablet.  It is completely visual and interactive.  Not only can you arrange, catalog and store your images, you can retrieve them and copy into your document for printing.

Flip Book is a PDF file that is imported into an annotation app like GoodNotes. If you are familiar with digital planners, Flip Book operates on the same principles.

Our first release of our “Citrus” Flip Book will be in our Etsy shop Saturday, July 21.   You can see it here in our introduction video.  I know you will love Flip Book - it’s the future in stamping and image storage. Our introduction video will give you a better idea of Flip Book’s versatility and function.

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