Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Digi Stamps and printers

Coloring with diverse media without smudging printing ink is a concern with new to digi stampers.  If you are looking for an economical printer that will give you the best results choose a b/w laser printer.  You can find a low end Brother model to do the job for as little as $60 US.  Shop around, there are deals to be found.  The laser toner will take your alcohol markers and watercolor without smearing.  The toner cartridge lasts a long time and the aftermarket replacement cartridges are as inexpensive as a dye ink pad. 

If you using an inkjet printer there are printer options that will be helpful and user-friendly to most media.  Prior to printing you should be able click on a new window to reveal "printer options."  You want to select grayscale printing.  Not only will it save your ink, the printed page can work well with your diverse media.

In the sample on the right, "Lil Love" was printed on an Epson Workforce printer using the grayscale option. (Cardstock setting was also selected and the paper is inserted in the back of the printer)  There was no waiting time, no heat setting.  Copic and inexpensive alcohol markers work beautifully.  Watercolor and pencils, no worries.  The Tombow marker will pull the printer ink -- but I really worked it in.  If you are careful wit the pointed tip you can avoid the ink lines and will have no problem.  I have had success with grayscale printing on several inkjet models.

Looking for a new inkjet printer?  Make sure it can accommodate cardstock.  (Papers discussed in last weeks post).  If you do not need color printing an inexpensive b/w laser is the way to go.

Some choose to go to Staples or Office Max for their printing purposes.  Load up your layout with as many images as you can.  Save your file to a flash drive and take it to your chosen copy center.  Many places will charge $ .18 - $.25 for a single color or b/w laser copy.  Request color laser copy if possible to get the blackest black. If you bring your own cardstock or request theirs the cost will be the same.


  1. Thank you for this information, I'm currently looking for a new printer but also need colour as my children print off a lot of colour projects. I'm considering getting two, one for me and one for the girls. If you have any suggestions they would be much appreciated as the market has sooooooo many to choose from. Thanks again for this information love your review on the papers too. Sue.

    1. All printers seem to be made to be replaced after a few years. Check ink costs before you purchase. The Epson Workforce is very reasonable and prints color with a back feed for cardstock. Many newer inkjets so not accommodate cardstock -- check specs. The Worksorce only takes a single (cardstock) sheet at a time but it has a scanner and fax with two paper trays. The small Brother laser can be found very inexpressively with a long run on toner.

  2. I have a cheap HP Inkjet and print in Greyscale on Fast Draft setting. I do get some smudging from time to time with my Copics, but it's generally the paler colours (that contain proportionally more alcohol) that cause the problem.I have learnt to colour carefully, and if I do get a small smudge then I just disguise it as shading!!

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  5. I always on a lookout for Ink Ready compatible Print Cartridges that can exhibits professional quality on Digi Stamping. No sooner I came across your blog on Brother Laser Printers and Fast Draft settings I began reading it word by word. It was good to know that Ink Smear issue is totally absent on Brother Printer.

    The way you have designed the Gray Scale print setting was of great interest to me. I now know how to go about with printing the Digi Stamp at a faster speed. I would also suggest that an envy printer would do the same job of an Laser, printing Digi Stamps.