Wednesday, July 9, 2014

SDC 155 magazines and newspaper

 Happy Thursday.

I have a fun project for you NEXT WEEK.  Why NEXT WEEK?  Because I had to jump in on the (Stampotique) SDC 155 challenge that began yesterday. 
Magda is our hostess this week and I could not resist her challenge to use newspaper or magazine.  Since I have a little obsession with type I thought I'd share one of my very favorite techniques!

Daniel Torrente's Hunk is here to help, along with Amy Wellenstein's love and be loved quote.  My background shows a hint of text for added interest and texture.  Here is how I did it.


Used gift/ credit card
acrylic paint
work surface
flat paint brush (or fingertip will do)
Modge Podge
baby wipes

1. You can begin with a sturdy sheet of cardstock, watercolor paper, or even scrapbook paper with a pattern. 
Add a few drops of acrylic paint to your gesso and scrape across your paper surface as desired.  Sometimes I like to leave ridges (right) from the credit card and not smooth out. Let dry and add another color layer if desired.

2. When prepared surface is dry, apply Modge Podge generously with flat brush or finger.  Immediately place and gently press newsprint face down on Modge Podge. Use the brush to gently burnish the image without moving it.

3. By the time you are done washing out your brush you are ready to remove the newspaper with the credit card. The backwards type is left behind.

4.  If you want to remove some areas to create a more distressed look, wrap a baby wipe around your finger and work away the area you wish to remove.

I even added a little type in Hunk's head. 

I colored Hunk with Peerless watercolors and a waterbrush.  He's raised on the surface with a little silicone glue and there is a bit of washi tape just to keep him grounded.

The randomness of the text is really fun.  I hope you try it!

Come back next week because I have a fun project that you will want to make!



  1. Very cool card Janet!! Love the transfer of book paper. XOXO

  2. Love what you have made Janet & also thanks for the "lesson" - I'm going to try this - I always love the print you have in your backgrounds!

  3. I love this but have never heard of Modge Podge! What is it, and where do I get it?

    1. Fran, it's a decoupage medium. It acts as a glue, sealer, and finish.

  4. Love this card! The colours and text are awesome xxx

  5. TY for sharing this technique. Love your card the colours are fabulous:-) xxx

  6. Hi, Janet. I have seen and read many descriptions of this transfer technique, but none as straightforward and easy to follow as yours here. Thanks for sharing it. Love the subtle details it leaves behind for an interesting background, without overpowering the focal image. Great project!

  7. awesome Janet- Love this and thank you for the tutorial!

  8. Gorgeous, shall definitely try that.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend Janet :)

  9. Awe such a lovely lovely card - beautiful colour combo - thanks for the tute :-))