Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You are my whole world

I'm guilty of ripping my sweet husband off when it comes to cards.  I make cards for him in a slipshod manner, fast and easy. But fun.

My abstract world is my Splatter Circle stamp by Stampotique.  It's the perfect circular splatter without the mess. To make the world image I used a combination of blue, green, and saffron dye inks.  I rotated the stamp with each color application to give the illusion of water masses and continents.

The cheeky little twosome are Titus and Grace.  Grace is actually an angel, but I'm no angel so I
clipped off her wings.  These little ones are part of a collection.  Albeit they are simple, they are fun to alter and dress up.


  1. Titus and Grace are, indeed, adorable (not to self: check them out at! I also love how you used your splatter stamp by rotating as you inked the different colors....genius! An adorable card, not shortchanging your hubby at all!

  2. Janet this is WONDERFUL! Everything you do I want to copy! Precious. Precious. And simple enough that many will be interested in replicating.

  3. Gorgeous Janet! I love the splattered circle - very effective and such cute little images.

  4. Your talent shines through in this card and I agree with Kay, there's no short changing going on here! Very clever and so, so sweet!