Friday, September 27, 2013

A way with washi

I love using scraps of scrapbook paper. You know, those little 1/2 inch slices that fall on the side of your paper cutter?  So while I've seen washi tape, I didn't think it was something I'd add to my crowded studio of supplies.  Use what you have, right?

However, the Stampotique designer's Challenge inspired me to pick some up to see if it was something I couldn't live without. 

The nature of the adhesive backed tape brought be back to my early days of graphic design.  Before computers.  Anyone with me?  We had an adhesive film product by Letraset.  It was used to create halftones -- there were also fonts  that cut with an X-acto blade and placed, but the sheets of semi clear adhesive film is what I'm referring to.  After the film was placed over an image, I would use a sharp X-acto knife to cut the film inside the contour of the desired shape. The transparent nature allowed the edge of the shape to show though, so one could see where to cut. 

In this doodle art I used the washi tape in that very way.  The inside of some of the petals are accented with washi tape.  I pulled out some "vintage" Stampotique ribbon border 2 and 3 to create my stems.  I used and old book and children's crayons and watercolors to create my circles -- then took a Pitt pen and doodled.  I added more washi to the border of the card.

Unfortunately I finished the card after a long day and a couple of glasses of wine, hence, my quote got a little crowded.  The quote, "I must have flowers, always, always, always" is from Claude Monet. 

Love the quote.  I'm still wishy about washi.


  1. Love these Janet and what a splenid colours!

  2. Gorgeous card Janet, I love those flowers. Nothing wrong with a glass or two ;) x

  3. Love creating with (or after) wine, Janet! And, yes, I am "with you" on how things used to be! But, with all that, I still love your flowers and your (only *slightly* crowded) quote! It's all just perfect!

  4. I remember half tone film, transfer tapes, and Press-on type. I also remember mechanicals, rubber cement, and then wax.

    When rub-ons became popular in scrapbooking, I wished that I had kept more than some tape and a sheet or two of Press-on type.

    Anyways, this is fabulous. I love your flowers. how you used the Washi tape, and your quote, which I don't think is all that crowded!