Monday, July 29, 2013

A tag for sister

My sisters birthday is tomorrow. 
I must confess, I bought a card. I did.  One of those cards that makes you burst out laughing, (we try to topper-kill
each other that way).  So with the SDC "Tag, you're it" I can at least make a hang tag for her gift.
I layered and lifted (paper toweled) various colors to create my background and added paper scraps on the edge of the tag.  Accented with Pitt pen and white Gelly Roll make a loose boarder.  "Sister" is stamped and cut from Kraft paper and "Midge" is stamped on the tag surface and partially paper-pieced. Prisma colors and Pitt are used to touch-up the image.
The ribbon is torn from white cotton that is stained from my inking fingers. It's amazing that a small simple tag can create such a mess. : -)


  1. Well, I suppose we must forgive you for buying a card since it's part of the sister rivalry! But, I guarantee this tag will not be tossed with the card. What a perfect bookmark for reading a good book just before bedtime--and a perfect time to think of such a great sister!!

  2. Can't agree more with Kay. Your tag will make a beautiful bookmark and keepsake. Gorgeous Janet ♥